Close your eyes.

Look up at the sky.

Soon a light will come.

Chase that light.

Follow on its winding path.

When you grab it,

hold on!

Learn to cultivate it,

to make more.

Start to share it

with the world

or simply with those around you.

Soon that light will burn low

and dim to darkness.

Open your eyes.

Take a second

to breathe deeply,


do it all over again.

On Creation

Why we’re made to process creativity and art

only in one direction - in, through, or out -

is a baffling question.

My only answer to this is that we can parallel

“in, through, and out” to happy, middled, and sad,

or dark and light.

Without one, how could the other(s)

possibly exist?

Can we know what it is to share our creation,

never having received?

Could we possibly receive and comprehend a piece of art,

having never tried our own hand at it?

Knowing and not knowing.

Here, also, this universal law of opposites weaves

into our original question, itself.

Fear, Shared

They say to write about that which

you’re most afraid to share.

But how, when you’ve got

so little worth being afraid to share?

The search continues…

Maybe this is it? The start?