Episode 1: Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself!

In this area, you'll find the show notes of every episode. Sometimes I'll give you just about word-for-word transcription, other times I'll just give you the general gist of the episode. 

Episode 1 is a total introduction to the podcast, what my whole idea with this thing is, and how I can start to learn, along with you, to tailor our desires of the show towards one another. Some of the things I touch on in this episode include:

- An introduction to the concept, the muse, the idea that became and is Bowlful of Soul

- An introduction to myself, if you have zero clue as to who I am or what I'm doing seemingly talking at you for no reason. OR maybe you do have an idea as to who I am but want to get to know me better through this specific avenue. Either way, I talk about me and my story a little bit.

- I talk about healthy eating/nutrition as a concept in general.

- I talk about the connection that is our mind, body, and soul and how it relates to food and information. 

- I tell you about the life of a pescatarian and how that has had an impact since I made the change about 5 months ago. 

- I give you some of the goals of the podcast, with regards to its format, its ideal guests, its purpose, and even what it's been inspired by. 

Lastly, I want to thank you again for listening. I hope you've already subscribed, rated, and reviewed this sucker. If not, THERE'S STILL TIME AHHH!

Share with your friends and family. Healthy eaters, food lovers, growth-mindeds and doers unite.