Dustin Watten, Part One

Today on the podcast - Part One of special guest Dustin Watten! Dustin Watten (@DustinWatten and dustinwatten.com) is a Libero for the USA National Team, currently playing professionally overseas in Radom, Poland. Dusty is commonly known amongst the volleyball community as one leading a movement towards veganism. He’s actively outspoken on Instagram and on his personal blog toward this end, but this is just a small scoop in the whole container of “Nice Cream” that is Dustin Watten. Dustin truly wants to make a difference for the next generation, sharing a lot of his daily practices on either of these channels including Stoic philosophies, tips and tactics for young Liberos looking to improve their own games, and a whole lot more. It seems like every time we get together, Dustin and I end up having these incredibly insightful conversations. I learn so much from Dustin on a regular basis about appreciation and the quest for better, and this time was certainly no different. As will be a theme throughout the show, he shows why he’s a great mentor of mine as not only a seasoned veteran presence on the national team, but someone who walks his talk in all aspects outside of volleyball life. 

Part 1 of Dustin and I’s conversation ranges from a breadth of topics including:

  • What he’s been reading, most notably within the field of stoicism, and how those reading choices have helped him along the way in his professional career.
  • Dustin’s humble beginnings on the mean streets and sands of Long Beach as yet another late-comer into the world of volleyball who has found his stride and made it to the professional level.
  • His foundation of creativity and experimentation when starting with volleyball at his house and on the beach, leading him to be able to handle all obstacles thrown in his path in his volleyball journey.
  • His daily practices which include his “List” of daily actionables and accountabilities.
  • His original inspiration and vision as to why he chose to become a vegan athlete, and how he has found strength and growth in his particular nutritional path since that conversion.
  • What his life as a vegan athlete living in Europe has been like, how his diet adapts for road matches, and what kind of opportunities he was working with in France and now in Poland.
  • And a whole lot more. Whip out that notebook!

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.