Dustin Watten, Part Two

Today on the podcast - Part Two of special guest Dustin Watten! Dustin Watten (@DustinWatten and dustinwatten.com) is a Libero for the USA National Team, currently playing professionally overseas in Radom, Poland. Dusty is commonly known amongst the volleyball community as one leading a movement towards veganism. He’s actively outspoken on Instagram and on his personal blog toward this end, but this is just a small scoop in the whole container of “Nice Cream” that is Dustin Watten. Dustin truly wants to make a difference for the next generation, sharing a lot of his daily practices on either of these channels including Stoic philosophies, tips and tactics for young Liberos looking to improve their own games, and a whole lot more. It seems like every time we get together, Dustin and I end up having these incredibly insightful conversations. I learn so much from Dustin on a regular basis about appreciation and the quest for better, and this time was certainly no different. As will be a theme throughout the show, he shows why he’s a great mentor of mine as not only a seasoned veteran presence on the national team, but someone who walks his talk in all aspects outside of volleyball life. 

Part Two of Dustin and I’s conversation ranges from a breadth of topics including:

  • The rise of sports nutrition to a field of greater importance in the college athletics community
  • The growth of men’s volleyball at the collegiate level, pointing out the exciting steps forward in spectatorship in recent weeks.
  • His favorite spots in the Southern California area to grab some vegan grub.
  • His “guilty pleasure” redefinition as a vegan, how he and his fellow vegans love their vegan junk food. Spoiler alert… it’s not exactly your Momma’s typical “junk food”…
  • The importance of moderation and variance in a strict diet such as he follows, in order to prep for situations where he doesn’t have a choice in what he’ll get to eat. 
  • Cravings: how his cravings have morphed since making his plant-based diet change. 
  • The important distinction between coming at healthy eating changes from a positive frame of mind versus coming at the same changes from an approach loaded against negative consequence. 
  • His favorite references (documentaries, podcasts, blogs) that got him kicked into the vegan lifestyle and kept him committed to the cause, including two upcoming films we can look forward to in the future. A few he mentioned- Forks Over Knives, Cowspiracy, What The Health, and Earthlings.
  • The two directions we seem to be heading food-agriculturally, albeit slowly as a culture: veganism and the “clean meat” movement. 
  • A paradigm shift he experienced while playing in Brazil, rooted in his insight from an older woman working minimum wage cleaning his club’s bathrooms every week.
  • The daily practices he can’t do without, nutritionally and otherwise. “Must”-urbation. ;)
  • His new favorite phrase, Best Day Ever.
  • His go-to Bowlful. Which turns into two bowlfuls. Rules already getting broken here on the podcast!
  • His last parting wisdom for you.
  • And a whole lot more.

Preach, Dustin, Preach!!!