Taylor Averill, Part One

Today on the podcast - Part one of special guest Taylor Averill! Taylor (@taverill13 and @taylor_constantine on Instagram) is a Middle Blocker for the USA National Team, currently playing professionally overseas in Millan, Italy. Taylor is fully switched on. He is a consummate learner and is always dedicating himself to new ways of finding personal greatness. He and I really became well-acquainted in our year together, last season in Padova, Italy, and from day one as his neighbor I knew he was someone to hang around as much as possible. H’es one of the most entertaining individuals I’ve ever come to know and I’m always excited for what’s next when we spend some time chatting together. 

Part One of our conversation ranges in topics, including:

  • How his movement practices are adapting in Italy and with travel.
  • His experimentations in breathing methods including Wim Hof Breathing and what he calls “breathing while moving”. 
  • Why he writes on his shoes and how he goes about a daily journaling practice.  
  • His humbling beginnings as a freshman at UC Irvine, through his career at the University of Hawaii and the personal battles he fought before graduating.
  • His connection with sports performance coach, Daniel Mar Chong of MAR Training in Hawaii, changing the trajectory of his volleyball career.   
  • His thoughts and beliefs on full body awareness and trust in pain. 
  • His changed ideas in healthy eating from middle-high school days to now.