Taylor Averill, Part Two

Today on the podcast - Part Two of special guest Taylor Averill! Taylor (@taverill13 and @taylor_constantine on Instagram) is a Middle Blocker for the USA National Team, currently playing professionally overseas in Millan, Italy. 

Part Two of our conversation ranges in topics, including:

  • How he thinks through what diet or system of nutrition to follow and how you should find out for yourself, what factors in, and how he’ll choose the way he eats going forward. 
  • Continuing the conversation about what changes nutritionally for him while he lives overseas in Italy, living for his goals but enjoying food, too.
  • His daily life and nutritional practices: including taking Green Vibrance and eating eggs, journaling, mindfulness practice. 
  • His philosophy on failure.
  • Coming into his own as an artistic person with Taylor Constantine Photography, along with what’s inspiring this path for him.
  • What’s next for Taylor and what we should be on the lookout for, coming from his corner of the universe!