Kendall and Aaron Russell

Today on the podcast - The Russell's! Kendall (@k.adair.r and @KayyyP3) and Aaron (@a_a_ronrussell and @FatRonRussell) are Penn State Volleyball’s all-time great power couple and have become one of Italy’s royal volleyball couples since moving their lives to Perugia, and for good reason. Aaron has been motoring through his third year on Sir Safety Perugia, which happens to be my current team as well, and Kendall has been alongside every step of the way, putting in all the real work to make them both go, behind the scenes. Kendall is a former libero and multiple-time NCAA champion at Penn State University, where she and Aaron met. Aaron is a former All-American and 2016 Rio Bronze Medalist and Best Outside Spiker, who is playing in his third season overseas.  They were absolute champs and allowed me to invade their home, right above mine here in Perugia, to get into the details of their lives, where they’ve been and who they see themselves becoming. We sat around their kitchen table and snacked on veggies and drank local wine because that's what fuels long nights of conversation. All raw and uncut fun.

Listen in and enjoy!!