Austin Einhorn

Today on the podcast - special guest Austin Einhorn!

Austin is one of my favorite people on planet Earth. He has become a great mentor and friend for me as well as his serving as my movement coach, in a more official sense. Austin and his performance business, Apiros Performance, are working almost non stop in trying to redefine athletes’ limits - and not just the ones that he works with in his gym in Santa Cruz, California. Austin has a wealth of knowledge in so many different backgrounds that one podcast hour is definitely not doing him and his ideas justice (be on the lookout for more conversations including him in the coming months on the show). His bowl is definitely full, so to speak. So, if you’re a fan of people who could be classified as “students of the game”, you’re going to want to listen to this podcast. 

Austin and I get into much good stuff, including:

  • What his thoughts are on “higher education” institutions.
  • His experiences as a volleyball player at the collegiate level.
  • His transition in fueling for performance and experimentation from college meal plans to now following the ketogenic diet.
  • Training philosophies in the volleyball community, with regards to amount of training, etc. 
  • His mission and objective at Apiros, and what types of people he tends to work with and want to work with
  • His daily practices with regards to eating habits, specifically mentioning the importance of probiotics and prebiotics.
  • His brand new arm swing progression video series, available at for purchase and download. 
  • “Transition” and its important role in the scheme of a young person’s life, especially that of the athlete figuring out his or her place in the world.
  • So much more.

You can connect with Austin on social media here:



Twitter: @AustinEinhorn